About Bees

Bees are a very social insect, as can be heard by their constant “buzzing” sound. When colony populations are high the queen may move part of the colony to a new location. Hopefully this new location is not in or near your home. Usually it will be in the hollow of a tree, but on occasion the colonies work their way into building wall voids. If a bee colony is found in a wall void, it must be eradicated. The whole nest will need to be removed to ensure bees do not find their way back to the hive, as well as to avoid stains from the melting of wax combs. This honey also attracts flies, ants, and moths.

Bee Prevention

There are some effective measures that can be practiced to deter bees from entering your home. This includes the following methods:
- Seal any cracks or crevices around your home that is bigger than 1/8-inch in diameter.
- Inspect the outside of your home for bee nests.
- Install screens over rain spouts, cavitites of trees, vents, utility boxes, fence posts, and anywhere else you might think a nest could be built.
- Throughout the Spring time, walk around your property and be on the look out for any activity.

If any hives or activity is discovered, do not disturb them. Call a professional immediately, as the bees tend to get more defensive the longer they live in a structure.