Wood Destroying Pest Inspection

In the Ohio area there are four main wood destroying insects. They are termites, powderpost beetles, carpenter ants, and carpenter bees. Termites can be the most destructive of the four, but all four are found in Ohio and can cause serious structural damage if not found and treated properly. Having a wood destroying pest inspection completed is the only way to be certain none of these pests are sharing your home with you. When purchasing a home it is vital to have a wood destroying inspection done so you the buyer are protected from the unexpected expenses that come with having wood destroying insects. These expenses can include replacing all the wood supports in a home if the infestation is wide spread and has been going on for a long time unnoticed. It is estimated that termite prevention and repairs cost home owners around $5 billion annually.


Powderpost Beetle

Carpenter Ant

Carpenter Bee

After completing a wood destroying pest inspection the technician will email the customer a filled out wood destroying pest inspection report on the state mandated NPMA-33 form. This report will highlight whether any evidence of wood destroying insects was found as well as where it was found, if there is evidence of a previous infestation that has since been eliminated, and the recommended treatment if necessary.


If after a wood destroying pest inspection is done you find out you have one of these four wood destroying insects we can help.  Reliance Pest Control is your solution for exterminating any and all of these pests. Each infestation requires an extermination plan that is specific for that site. We understand the concern that can come with having wood destroying insects, so we provide estimates within one business day of being contacted.