About Gnats

Gnats can be a great nuisance when they emerge in numbers. Adults are usually noticed by windows as they are attracted to light. These pests inhabit dead plant material or fungi and are harmless to humans and animals. Once adults, they only live for about 7 to 10 days. The females lay 100 to 300 eggs in decaying organic matter.

Gnat Prevention

The best way to prevent gnats from taking over one’s home is to stop them from entering in the first place. Home owners can practice different methods to deter the pests. Some of these are:
- Good sanitation is the most effective measure that can be taken to deter gnats. Do not let trash lay out over night and always seal up the bags once full. Place a tightly fit lid on all garbage cans.
- Install window screens that are fine enough that they prevent insects from getting through.
- Watering landscape too much will provide the perfect breeding grounds for gnats. Keep an eye on the moisture level and do not let it continually build up.
- Lighted electric flytraps can also be effective as they attract and kill.
- Only use outside lights as necessary, as the pests are attracted to them.

If none of these methods work call a professional to assist in eliminating the infestation and prevent another one from happening.