About Spiders

There are over 3,000 kinds of spiders in the United States. They can live in all parts of the world and are vital parts of the ecosystem as both predators and natural regulators of insect populations. Although generally feared by people, few spiders actually bite humans. The fangs are typically used when feeding to suck the liquids out of prey. The only two species considered dangerous in the United States are the black widow and the brown recluse. All spiders produce silk, which they use as a drag-line whenever they walk on an edge so as to catch themselves if they ever fall.

Spider Prevention

There are measures that can be taken to prevent spiders from invading the home, and if done correctly are very effective, although it is not always practical to believe that a spider will never show up in your residence from time to time. Some of these preventive measures are:
- Routine cleaning of the home. Vacuum the entire house and get all the ceiling corners and window sills where spiders like to live.
- A spider likes to live where it is quiet and they will not be disturbed. This includes garages, attics, and basements. Reducing the clutter in these areas will deter the unwelcomed visitors.
- Any crack from the exterior of the home to the interior is an opportunity for a spider to enter. Inspect the exterior of the home with caulk in hand, sealing the cracks as you see them. Door sweeps and window fittings are especially susceptible entrances for pests.